ChristianDramaSchoolofNew Jersey

“Acting is Believing”

Join 128 current students (K-12) from 29 different Christian churches inMorrisCounty(Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Methodist, Evangelical, Free)

(45) Senior Youth, (30) Junior Youth, (53) Children.

Mission of Christian

Drama School

To bring the Word of God to life through drama, dance, music, and art so that students and staff enjoy growing together in the faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Goals of Christian Drama School

1. Teach Christianity and the Bible through drama skills.

2. Worship God through prayer and performance.

3. Build the self-esteem and faith of every student.

4. Present stories that bear witness to Jesus Christ.

5. Provide Christian fellowship for children and youth.

6. Provide theatrical opportunities to experience God by

playing the role of Jesus or Christ-like characters while

welcoming the work of the Holy Spirit in every role.

7. Empower students with a purpose to act like Jesus

by feeding, clothing, healing, teaching, and loving others

in a way that rescues all of God’s children.

8. Produce two plays per year. (Christmas & Easter Themes).

9. Teach: “The faith journey is the thing!” (The faith journey

of working together for God, over a long period of time, is

of greater importance than the final performance.)

10. Support our students in Uganda who attend the

Nansana Community Primary School & Orphanage, and

our secondary school, Extreme College, in Namayumba.

11. Encourage and nurture efforts to help Uganda through

“Save An Orphan” and the “Heart for People Foundation.”


Christian Drama School of New Jersey